About PatchPal

PatchPal provides visibility into physical communication networks whilst saving time taken to perform audits, reporting, network management, updates, installation and error detection. The RFID ready system identifies all cables and devices within an entire route. It includes mobile and desktop tools for engineers and managers so that work can be done in the office or in the field.

Any device or cable in the network can be quickly scanned to identify source and destination of cables, within any number of links, details of the equipment and cables, contact details for reporting, dB loss, in a route, and much more.

Knowing the opposing end of a fibre is difficult since it’s not an electrical connection and cannot be buzzed out like most other cables. PatchPal RFID not only solves this problem but provides a complete cable management solution from design to installation and maintenance.

Patch Pal provides visibility and eliminates errors in design and installation. Patch-pal eliminates the need for paper labelling, allowing for patch leads to come pre-RFID labelled from factories and controls labelling standards, saving time and costs.


stop and scan

The STOP and SCAN feature not only provides information on cables being tampered with, but logs events providing visibility in a network on who was doing what were and a point in time. This feature greatly assists in network outages.

PatchPal provides a complete solution with hardware, software, training, and support.

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