ROI Value Proposition

PatchPal PDA

Cable Installation​

  •     Fast implementation. 50% cost savings with installation compared with traditional labels ​
  •     On the go changes updating the portal​
  •     Auto notification on job completion

Job Creation​

  •     Job No., Installer​
  •     Upload by spreadsheet or other​
  •     Where to plug cables into ports, error checking​
  •     Port reservation, deactivation​
  •     Notification of job completion​

Cable Manufacture​

  • Pre RFID labelled cables from the factory
  • Fast integration of RFID to patch cords​
  • Creation date, Part, S/N, Connector type, Length, I.L. R.L.

Device Identity and Visibility​

  •     RFID search for devices such as routers and switches.​
  •     History of devices and ports​
  •     Link routes from cables to devices to cables


  •     Time savings in maintenance​
  •     Quick means to find matching ends​
  •     Quick means to swap out equipment.​
  •     No need to unplug cables to search for other end

Visual Topology of a Network

  •     Quick scan to show all assets in end-to-end link

Asset Management & Tracking​

  •     Devices, equipment and other assets​
  •     Interface to asset and inventory management platforms ​
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